Macro View + Micro Focus = Complete Client Advantage

Clients of Saul Ewing LLP receive full-service representation at multiple levels of reach and focus, a combination that provides a strong advantage in legal challenges.

On the macro level, our attorneys exert national influence on sophisticated matters. Simultaneously, we value and leverage the power of micro connections made locally across our 11 East Coast offices.

Saul Ewing’s practical balance of reach and local autonomy protects clients with the clout of megafirms and all the service hallmarks of a small boutique.

Client Service Satisfaction program

The commitment we make to clients, which include recognizable names in corporate America, start-ups, closely held and privately held companies, nonprofits, government and educational entities, is perceptible at each juncture of representation. Saul Ewing’s client services are wholly integrated into our representation.

A formal client feedback program fosters productive personal relationships, face-to-face meetings and open communication. Clients have consistently rated us as highly responsive.

Clients seeking greater budget predictability can look to our Cost Certainty CommitmentSM. (CCC). This tailored fee arrangement extends the value of our efficient staffing by offering blended rates, flat fees, success fees and other fixed-fee options.

On-the-ground counsel. High-level outcomes.

Saul Ewing’s 11 East Coast offices are located in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

In each jurisdiction, our attorneys’ deep-rooted experience with local, state and federal judges and courts leads to a productive familiarity with prevailing personalities, preferences and practices.

Attorneys aligned with client's interests

Saul Ewing is a diverse law firm of attorneys who are active leaders and authorities in their fields of practice. We participate in a range of industry associations in order to track legal trends and laws and educate ourselves and others on areas of the law in the pursuit of favorable client outcomes.

Our attorneys are proactive. Designated research teams gather and analyze relevant news, legislation and reports to keep clients abreast of emerging issues. We sponsor CLE seminars and attend industry conferences to connect with key decision makers in our clients’ industries and to provide clients with competitive legal and business insights.